We went on the AGTF-Congress in Magdeburg to present you our new chairs for the mobile collection : the Longchair-Neo (on the left on this picture) and the Longchair-Compact (on the right on this picture). Lighter, higher and less voluminous, these two models have been redesigned to facilitate the daily tasks of the teams. As the previous version from the Longchair, we propose accessories to maintain donors comfort : armrest with pivoting system, secure armrest, headrest, backrest inclination...

We have also shawn other type of products : stools (with or without backrest), foldable tables, transport trolleys (for the chairs, their accessories and the screens). Our blood mixer Desy has intrigued the visitors too : easy to use, it is able to agitate and weigh the blood at the same time and in real time. Desy has been especially designed for extramural blood collection for a more ergonomic collection.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss with you!


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