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STRUB Group has a long history that has begun before its creation. Early in the 1950s, an industrial cooperation starts between the EFS (the French Blood Bank) and the engineer André STRUB, thanks to PhD Arnault Tzanck, a french doctor and the pioneer of blood transfusion, who asked them to produce some specific materials.

This how Mr. André STRUB developed a specific bed dedicate to the blood collection, and the first blood mixer. With those products, collecting blood became safer and more comfortable for donors, and also made work easier for the medical staff.



Year after year, technical progress allowed us to improve our products and to add accessories to our product range, such as blood mixers and other products useful to preserve and carry blood. We developed those products in order to give to our clients all the equipment they need to collect blood for the fixed collection, but also for the mobile collection.

Concomitantly to product evolution, markets are also diversifying. To satisfy the increasing demand of the industry, STRUB Group is growing thanks to new international subsidiaries. STRUB Group is now acting worldwide and knows how to adapt itself to the different countries and markets.

One major force of our continous development is the commitment to our collaborators. We work with a technical team and profesionnals who do their best to optimise the products and to give daily solutions, even proposing tailor-made products.

Premiers Mobilier coçu pour la collecte mobile Monsieus STRUB et son Fils





Nos usines de fabrication en Europe  (Allemagne - France - Italie)





STRUB Group is specialized in the design and in the manufacture of products used for the collection, the preparation and the distribution of blood.

We are commited to our clients and partners for the respect of the values that made us a worldwide company.



You are looking for appropriate solutions for blood collection in your institutions, your needs differ because of specific factors, you are careful about the comfort of your patients, your blood donors and your medical staff, you are looking for ergonomic and work facilitator solutions.

We are here to answer to your specific needs by producing tailored products for your transfusion centers or mobile collections, we take every detail that could improve your work into consideration,
and we keep rethinking our products in order to optimise the offer.


More than 60 years of developing products for a specific domain such as the blood collection brought us to establish our experience and our fiability reputation.

Thanks to an efficient technical team specialized in mecanics and in electronics, our collaborators are committed to give you the best of themsleves.

Our know-how is the guarantee of the quality of our products and services.


In the field blood collection, products have to be reliable, resistant, and the maintenance should be easy. When it is about the mobile collection, products also have to provide a higher durability because of the frequency of handling and the daily transportation.

We provide sustainable and high quality products in order to give you appropriate solutions for materials and furnitures, tempature control systems, and electronical equipments.


  • Competence and teamwork

  • We invest in staff training and we create attractive carrer oppportunities for our teams. We also encourage and recognize exceptional results

  • Integrity

  • We have adopted an ethical behaviour in all our activities and we treat our customers and employees with the respect they deserve. Moreover, we contribute to the environmental and natural ressources protection.

  • Quality

  • We use appropriate technologies and methods to manufacture our products, with a continuous improvement of processes. We also provide our customers a work of quality in an accurate in time.

    STRUB Group has a quality assurance system certified ISO 9001:2008 "Management System" and ISO 13485:2012 "Requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices".

  • All of our products meet european standards and are CE certified.


We are very careful about the quality of our services, that is why we decided to take another step in our development by proposing three ranges of products :

  • Furniture,
  • Equipment for blood collection,
  • Cooling systems.

We stay focus on what the market really needs and we keep innovating while keeping our fundamental values, which made us a pioneer company in the specific field of the blood collection.





More than a company, we are a family. Design, production, technical and commercial services work together. This is how we can provide the stability and the healthcare of the company. Our staff play an important part in the development of our products, exchange about how we could do better, and are here to listen to our clients in order to optimize the offer.



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STRUB GmbH - Company certified ISO 9001-13485
All our products are in conformity with CE standards