Our story

STRUB Group has a long history that has begun before its creation. Early in the 1950s, an industrial cooperation starts between the EFS (the French Blood Bank) and the engineer André STRUB, thanks to PhD Arnault Tzanck, a french doctor and the pioneer of blood transfusion, who asked them to produce some specific materials.

This is how Mr. André STRUB developed a specific bed dedicate to the blood collection, and the first blood mixer.


STRUB through the time

Eleonore Beyrich, a german woman, and André Strub, a french man, united not only for love, but also for a common project. This is how they created the company METO BOIS S.A in 1951 and gave a new impulse to the safety in the field of blood collection. Today, the company, led by their son Stéphane Strub, has grown to become an inudstrial worldwide company.

Our company

We are specialized in the design and in the manufacture of products used for the collection, the preparation and the distribution of blood.

We are commited to our clients and partners for the respect of the values that made us a worldwide company.


Our key advantages


You are looking for appropriate solutions for blood collection in your institutions, your needs differ because of specific factors, you are careful about the comfort of your patients, your blood donors and your medical staff, you are looking for ergonomic and work facilitator solutions.




Our range of products


ISO Certificate

Our company is committed in an approach of control and improvement of the qualitiy. Using the best technologies and the most appropriate methods  in the design of our products, with a continous improvement of our processeses, enabled to STRUB Group to be certified ISO 9001 and 13485.


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Come and visit us in the beautiful city of Copenhagen where the 27th regional congress of the ISBT will take place from June 17 - 21!

Come and meet us from 18th-19th February in Bad Kissingen, we look forward to meeting you there!

 STRUB company  presented the new balance:  DESY, a new mixer with ergonomic desing and high precision.

​ Our client SRK Zürich (Swiss Red Cross Zurich) has been using the EURECA sampling bed for a dozen years.

STRUB GROUP supports its distributor HAEMOTEC during the "33rd South African National Blood Transfusion Congress" from 24 to 27 August 2015 in Winterton, South Africa.

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STRUB GmbH - Company certified ISO 9001-13485
All our products are in conformity with CE standards